where are we and how did we get here?


PIANO WIRE rose from the smouldering wreckage of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster.   Sym Gharial and Andy Huxley set out to see what sort of band they might be on their own.  Andy decided to sing, play guitar and write the tunes; while Sym took on the lyrics and held down the bass in the unique way he always has. 

 Their debut EP, The Genius Of The Crowd, was released in the summer 2015.  It was the pick of the demos the band had recorded in the months previously, packing in 8 blistering songs into under 24 minutes, thrilling and shaking from the off with I'll Kill You - 130 seconds of breathless escape.  Leather jacket grooves and helpless, swaggering riffs fill out the record, calling variously to mind QOTSA, Supergrass and Elliot Smith. 

 Influences like Love, Brainiac, Elliot Smith, The Clash, Husker Du, The Cure and the Pixies informed the initial demos.  Adding in the mercurial Sean Duke on guitar and vocals and Tim Venning’s thunderous drums gave the band the chance to achieve what they wanted.  To take the skeleton of Matchbox’s gonzo take on rock’n’roll and make something a little bigger and more personal, widescreen and more exciting.  Sym’s lyrics probe the darker side of life, fuelled by art and literature, dreams and psychosis.  They wrote dozens of songs throughout 2015, honing and discarding them at a furious rate.  The writing got better and better, as they made themselves into a stronger band.

 A modern classic leather jacket rock’n’roll band.   Massive riffs and massive tunes. 

 The band toured all summer long and their distinctive sharkmouth T shirts can be seen up and down the UK.  They toured with Hyena in February 2016 and released a split 7” single with a new track Visions Of Disorder.

 Using the money they made touring, PIANO WIRE recorded with musical hero, Gil “Pixies/Foos” Norton. That session showed them just what they could achieve in the studio.  It inspired a breathtaking burst of songwriting. 

 The band are recording their debut album now and the results are headburstingly intense.

 The first fruits will be with us very soon.

 "an invigorating blend of dead-eyed QOTSA swagger and piercing post-punk" THE LINE OF BEST FIT

"an excellent debut…they're pop, but they're also weird, which is the best kind of pop" THE QUIETUS

“conjuring up a veritable shitstorm….traces of Husker Du….the most primal moments of SST Records" DROWNEDINSOUND  

"a lurid post-punk gem. The imagination of The Cramps bolted onto a uniquely British chassis"  CLASH

"neurotic...genius....scuzzy grunnge and drums set to murder" NME